Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tribute to Our Daddies!

Today we Share with the blog world some of the hard earned wisdom taught by our great Dad's!

Grandpa Edge: -NBD (no big deal) Truly you have mastered the art of knowing when something is worth worrying over...
-Pentagon: reminding us that we must always keep a even balance between: Familial, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical.
-Importance of enjoying the great, hike, garden, etc...
-Makes it a point to keep all of his kids on speed dial for his weekly/daily check-ups.
-Books are improtant...Food for the brain...Thanks for the yearly supply of Christmas books.

Grandpa Dilworth: -You can fix anything with a pocket knife and epoxy. If it is skin; butterfly stitches.

-No matter how busy life gets, you always have time to give the shirt off your back to someone in need.

-Has made a living (or lack there of) raising 11 kids and currently 23 grand kids! Known to say that his children are his Investment portfolio! Also maintains that each child is his "Favorite"!

-Dutch oven king...even backpacking! His solution is to bring a horse to pack the oven! Also, reminds us that "Nature in the rough is seldom mild."

-Scout motto "Be Prepared" comes as second nature to him. Dosen't even mind running a 5k in cowboy boots and wranglers!

-There is nothing we can't do as long as we love the lord, keep the commandments, and withstand the trials. (Truly he has had more than his share in his life time!)

To the Papa! -Brevity is the soul of whit...(notice how I'm already failing)

-If you say run 18 miles...he runs 20...and at a quicker pace, Meanwhile pushing a stroller with TWO kids...(maybe not 18 mi but has been know to push them for 14mi).

-No job is worth not being able to spend time with his family.

-Reminds me daily that less is more when it comes to worldly possessions!

-Continually shares his determination and drive for life with those around him.

-Doesn't mind pitching in to clean up and de-clutter things.

-Faithfully makes sour dough pancakes, waffles, bread every weekend and cooks Sunday dinner!!! Typically he is the best cook in the house!

-Randomly calculates various items (afterall he is a engineer!)...mileage, budet, calories in a tank of gas vs. calories in food...which is more efficient. How long it would take for the airplane we are traveling in to hit the ground, etc...

-Always keeps me on my toes and is a champion tease. Our children are developing similar characteristics and avidly enjoys testing them on eachother!

To all our Daddies and Granddaddies...Happy Fathers day we love you!
P.S. Your packages are on the way...actually they are drying on the table at this very moment so you can look for a Post-fathers day present later this week!


Anonymous said...

It's Auntie Em (who thought I'd ever comment on one of these things?); this actually has nothing to do with the blog, but I was at Grandma K's this week and she sure enjoys that flower/pinwheel thing you guys sent her. It is in her back yard and she loves to watch it (she even sent me out with a flashlight to see it after you first sent it). Anyway, thought you'd like to know she appreciates it!

mamma letty said...

Thanks auntie Em! Good to hear from you!

ow said...

Speed dail implies several is that I would dail 1 number, rather than 32 to call you guys! Thanks for the daddies' day thoughts.

Betina said...

Is that a speedo?

I officially invite you to our next ward swimming party. Make sure you hang out with us, so everyone will know that not only ARE we exhibitionists, but we HANG OUT with exhibitionists too.

mama rhodes said...

Thanks--That really says it all!

Jamison Fischer said...

Yes it is a Speedo. Paper racing suit. If you can see it in spite of the belly overhang.