Friday, June 22, 2007

Random Sampler

Ummm...A salad entirely from our garden!
This peachy delight comes from the NPR heirloom recipe contest...Click Here for the tasty peach puzzle recipe. Even if you don't like cooking, you should look at the recipe it is really cool how you make it.
Look MA, I've grown! Oscar asked Rick to cut the feet off his pajamas so he could still wear them. He then opted to wear both the jamas and booties to bed.
This is Poppy's latest addition to her facial expressions. When doing something naughty, I will say "Poppy are you being naughty?" Her response is to tilt her head and proceed to scowl at me untill I stop looking, and she can proceed doing the naughty deed. Yesterday she struck this pose for about 5 minutes while getting into daddy's work bag.


Traci said...

Your tikes are so cute and funny! Look at you go! Your food dishes always look delish!!!!

Abby Norman said...

woah! I have to master that Poppy look. That would definitely be the look for a lifeguard to use when dealing with troublemakers.

Lisa B. said...

how funny! Poppy and Oscar are a hoot. and your salad looks delicious! wish i could have eaten it up

Tanner's Tales said...

I love the Poppy picture! I am excited to see you guys when you come out!