Sunday, October 7, 2007

Confrence Sunday Sampler

Today could very well epitomize fall wrapped up in a nice cozy package. We had the great opportunity of listening to conference (held in Salt Lake City and sent via internet, T.V., satellite Etc.. throughout the world). Twice a year, spring and fall, our church leaders hold a two day conference, full of inspiring counsel and direction to encourage all within its reach to stand a little taller and be a better person. Today was the final day of the fall conference, and I felt a sense of renewal and joy in being a mother, wife and friend.
Truly this life is about being part of a much bigger circle. Each of us has a the capacity to love, serve, and make this world a better place. I'm grateful to have the knowledge of a God who truly knows me and that I can have access to him through prayer. What a wonderful world we live in!
Along with watching conference, we took a walk to our Sunnyside park where we feed the ducks, pigs, lamas, and play on the toys. The pictures above show the trail we take to get to the park and Poppy and I laying down on the Merry-go-round. The air was crisp and fall -like, the leaves were changing colors and it felt like a beautiful fall day.
Following conference we ventured over to our Friend's, the Eaton's, for Samantha's birthday party.
It was a great party, we went for a hike on the hills across the road from their farm house, the kids had horse back rides, and then had some tasty pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins (all whole food made), and a bowl of mixed nuts and fruit.
Nikki my friend, and Sam's mom, really makes an effort to do things all organic and local (if possible). I have posted their ranch previously on my blog, but they raise organic free-range beef. It was delightful to see all of the kids having good-ol' fashioned fun! I don't think they even missed the sugar-laden was a real treat!


Lisa B. said...

your lil fam is soo cute! i lvoe it. thanks for hte hair support.. have a great day. love ya

Traci said...

Looks likea great time! The pumpkin muffins sound good too!!! It's that time of year for all the yummy foods and smells too!

Jen said...

what a fun conference weekend! i've never heard of their ranch and i love their website!

Tanner's Tales said...

Love the pictures. We need to come visit!

Jamison Fischer said...

Yep. That's O man on single track.

anna jo said...

do tell more about this ranch. and I want the recipe for the muffins. sounds intriguing.