Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend W/O daddy...

We seriously have a billion leaves...we have spent the past week playing over and over again in the giant piles...I'll post on this topic later.
Apple picking at the orchard. We picked some tasty apples with friends that we plan to can this week.
Friday the tikes and I went to a Halloween party at the Eaton ranch. It was a lot of fun and even had a headless horse-girl ride in. Later the kiddies got to take a ride on the pretty black ponies back. Here is the sunflower girl on teh horse (she LOVES to ride horses...she just beams when she 's up there)
When was the last time you saw a sweet little power ranger on a pony???
Lil' O's last soccer game. (coach Harley had a sweet soccer mask) Very entertaining especially with all of the side lines cheering for Oscar to RUN and Kick the ball. He likes to stand in the back and watch the game (not the aggressive in your face type) . He did a great job but told me he was very excited it was his last game, so he could start swimming lessons again (Auntie Nat can be proud).

Mainly we spent our days trying to keep busy because inevitably if we had down time the kiddies would start missing their Daddy. Each morning Poppy would ask "Where Daddy Go?".
Oscar told me on Thursday night "Mom. I wish yesterday was Saturday so dad would be home sooner." It was really cute.
The next day I found him explaining to Poppy "Today I have school, tomorrow we play with mommy, and Sunday after church, daddy will come home! To this they both cheered "yeah daddy come home!!" They both really miss him when he is out of town.
Speaking of which, I do find myself a little more on guard and anxious when Ricky isn't around. I'm very grateful NOT to be a single parent. I am much more secure and happy when Ricky is home. He just makes our lives better!
(Shout out to Jen who finished second marathon yesterday doing both of her marathons in one month! You go girl!)


Jamison Fischer said...

Ahhhh - so nice to be home. Glad you guys could keep yourselves entertained.

Jen said...

i can totally relate to being grateful not to be a single parent! it's hard!!! you seem to cope way better than i do with it, though- and with 2, not just 1!! it looks like they had a great time! horses are so good for kids. some of my best memories are from riding when i was a kid! :)
thanks for the shout out- my ankle needed some cheering today!