Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Harvest...Are those from MY garden???

Here we have our Edgie family pumpkin harvest!
Can you believe these actually all came from my garden? There were even more than pictured, most of them volunteer from our compost pile last year. It was such a fun year of surprises as we waited to see what would actually grow from our volunteer squash plants.
Being one that LOVES surprises, I've decided to throw a few extra squash seeds into the compost pile that I hope will randomly appear somewhere in the garden next year. Just so I can anticipate and wait for the surprise effect!
Here is our budding artist at work...He was the inspiration for our pumpkin menagerie.
Here are the completed "carved" pumpkins...we decided to save the bake-able ones for a yummy pie at a later date. A few will also be going to school with Oscar tomorrow for his class to explore. Word on the streets (aka his teacher) the kids are gong to have to try eating some of the pumpkin innards (raw).
Tonight when I was putting Oscar to bed he asked me (nervously) if he was really going to have to taste them. I told him that yes, he would, and that they would probably taste good...I wouldn't really know I don't believe I've ever tasted the raw pumpkin guts before...Have you?
Happy Fall To the Blog World!


Traci said...

Wow! Look at the great harvesting you have done! Love the pumpkin faces. Please update us on the pumpkin guts tasting! I am sure I have licked my finger when pumpkin carving before, wasn't too bad.

Jen said...

that is so awesome! what great pumpkins!!! (and carving!)
ps- thanks for the thoughts you posted in your comment. it actually really did help to read it!

Jen said...

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climbingrocks said...

the green ones are way cool looking. Mine didn't turn out very well thus I didn't post it. We tried growing herbs, didn't happen. Very impressed.

kristi said...

that white pumpkin is the best!!!