Monday, October 15, 2007

Does it really count???

When one is in a race with other people, and is awarded FIRST place in their age division, does it really count if you are the ONLY one in that age group??? I mean, it is after all my very first, first-place ribbon for any sort of running event...The ribbon is actually basically the same thing you could find at the dollar store...It doesn't even have my time on it or anything...Yet, it is kinda cool to say that I was first place once!

Betina, on the other hand, received third place out of a larger pool of people in her age group. This I would think, would be a much more deserving ribbon.

Ricky-not pictured due to his avoidance of the camera, really earned his ribbon getting second place over all, while pushing a stroller! I'm telling you he is just short of Hercules...;0)

The only other race I have placed in was a triathlon-turned duathlon (due to high lake levels, 5k run, 40k ride, 10k run) where there were only three women who did the Olympic length. I came in 3rd place (which is really last place) yet, I still value that ribbon as well...I suppose I like the small pool verses the ocean.
Reality is that the race is really me against my watch...I was excited to get a new PR 1:51:03. I'm considering starting a running blog to post this un-important information. In the meantime, if you are bored with our running events you can scroll down and see the cute pics of our sweet little cherubs!!


anna jo said...

hey, man. a first place win is a first place win. just don't tell anybody how many people were actually in your age division.

once I took first place for my age division in a triathlon. I did it as a relay team with two of my friends, I was the swimmer. it was already a small event and I can't even remember how many people were in our age group, but it wasn't a whole lot (I think there was more than three teams, though). I just don't tell people that. and instead of a ribbon we got a cheesy medal. like this thing looks so cheap, but I'm still proud of it. :)

Tanner's Tales said...

Good work Collette! I like hearing about all your running, and how motivated you guys are.

Abby Norman said...

This information ain't "un-important"!!!
I like hearing about this kind of stuff.
Keep up the good work, and enjoy running! :)

Jen said...

oh yes, it counts. :) i mean, seriously- think of all the people who just stayed home. you earned that ribbon!

i think you are all seriously fast! way to go- i HOPE to do a half in that time someday. i may have to tag along on a run of yours until you drop me just to see what running for long periods at that speed feels like!