Sunday, October 14, 2007


One toddler, two toddlers up on top...we will not let our toddlers drop...(a.k.a. ten apples up on top, Dr, Seuss)
Fall with friends!
Friday the kids were out of school so we took a fun little hike at a fun park in our area. I love the feel of fall and the pretty leaves. Not to mention just hanging out with my kids.
This will be our prelude to the real sampler that will be put together tomorrow...for now I'm ready for bed.


Jen said...

cute pictures! i love the fall colors. what a great friday activity!

mummy said...

Can I come next time?
I can text on Dad's phone now.
Still hasn't frozen here, still eating fresh tomatoes and lots of peppers

Abby Norman said...

Did it take a while for them to pose in the pipe, or did they miraculously do that themselves? I love it!