Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Preparations...

Well, we've got it, snow, that is. Not only so we have snow, but sub-arctic temps to go along with it. The kids don't seem to mind. They still find the snow an adventure.
Poppy received a sled ride to and from getting Oscar from school the other day. On the way home all of the "bigger" kids wanted to pull. Here is Spencer George (who by the way loves Poppy) pulling her along.
She also loves to climb up on the counter to play with our nativity set. I love this set but parents is the playmobile set and all of the pieces of each character come off...that means that their hair beards, halo, turban, etc... Wonderful for play yes, but horrible for a mom who tries to keep track of them.
Our solution has been to place it ont he kitchen counter. Not as many pieces get lost in the couch and around the living room. One time Poppy put a couple of wise men in the bookcase for safe keeping. It was a few days before we discovered them again.
Oscar had his Christmas party at his class. This is their lovely graham cracker house village. It was so pretty.
Oscar's teacher this year is wonderful! He adores her and she has certainly earned it. We stayed a little after school so she could open her gift. It wasn't the main gift. All of the parents pitched in ogether to get her a digital camera. She was still in analog world. She cried when she opened it. It was wonderful!

Now with school out, both kids at home, and a TON of candy around...I'm finding myself constantly battling the picking on each other. They can't seem to get enough of it.
Today was a no-junk food day, that is until Family Home evening and then they each only had one cookie.
I currently have the threat out that if they keep fighting...all candy (including the candy train they keep sneaking into) will go into the garbage. I"m just waiting for my breaking point to actually enforce it. I'm close...we shall see.

(Update...The train went into the trash. Followed by Oscar telling me that we (me and Rick) want to make this the worst Christmas ever... Yeah, too bad for poor decision making. One day he will forgive us. Oh, that's right, I think he already has!)


Jen said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who waits until breaking point to enforce threats. :)
what a sweet gift for o's teacher! and how much do i love poppy's leopard print coat?! sassy, indeed! i can't believe how much older both kids look!
that must be the george's dog on the sled ride...

Traci said...

We have the same Playmobile Nativity and Miss P loves to play with it daily too! We just got it last year and still have all the pieces, hope we still do for next year too! It is a great set, besides all the little pieces!
Glad you got snow, we do too!
I am with you with the tykes bickering and their break just begun today!

Maren said...

So fun. I love your Christmas town. How can anyone not love Poppy? She is so stinkin cute. How did your test go?

Suzie-Q said...

WE had so much fun last night. Thank you so much for inviting us for you specail party. We will never forget it. I also think we have decided to stay away from pinata's for awhile, Rob says forever but we will see!
Hope that you are feeling better!