Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sassy girl...

(Notice how bundled up the boys are?)
When Oscar was about Poppy's age he went through a phase where, for teh entire winter he would only wear "turtle shirts" meaning, turtle neack shirts. When spring and summer rolled around he could not stand wearing short sleaved shirts and shirts without a turtle neck. I was suddenly rememnded of this phase when Poppy for the past few weeks has insisted on wearing her summer clothes. She will be sitting there, shivering adn refuse to put some warmer clothes on.
Therefore to those of my loyal readers this will come as no surprise when I tell you that Poppy chose to wear the above attire on our way to drive Oscar to school. She was not deterred by the fact that is was a mere 5 degrees outside, oh no, in fact she insisted that she would not be cold.
Being the lovin' logic (aka learn from their choices) kind of mom, I let her wear it. It may be the first time in a long time that I was happy that the car took it's time warming up. It may sound horrible, but the fact that she had to remain cold for the full 20 minutes of the drop off gave me a renewed sense of strength that, indeed she would have to suffer the consequenses of her decision.
This morining came in the midst of a week where she has been particularly pushing her boundries. In fact there have been three stores this week, that becasue of bad behavior, I have actually taken things out of the cart and let my child cry the whole way out to the car, and all the way home. Meanwhile maintaining my composure.
I think it began with the mass consumption of candy she ate Sunday night during the ginger train assembly. Then there is the nap problem...or lack thereof. But today, I won...she is currently napping (it only took 40 minutes of me laying there making sure she would not leave her bed).
I hope to find a refreshed princess who will let me be the nice mommy I want to be, and not the mommy that has to constanty be butting heads with her.

On a positive note...she has been (in her more pleasant moments) a great helper, and super fun to watch getting excited about Christmas. I think this is her first Chirstmas where she is really getting it. Nww if we could just get it together (her and I) we will be set.


Suzie-Q said...

Wow I am shivering for her! I am glad that she didn't freeze to death out there. Hope things calm down for you but it is the season of craziness and kids are just being kids (ia have to remind myself that I was probably the same why)

Anonymous said...

Oh Letty. Whenever I think I am the only Mom with a strong willed two year old--Thanks for reminding me! I recieved about 45 dirty looks at the library with Micah today, him screaming and walking as slow as he can because he doesn't want me to carry him and I don't want to carry him as I already have the car seat with baby to juggle. Good times await you!

Beth said...

Hey, it was so great to be part of your class the other day. You have some talent!

Traci said...

You go girl! Way to hold your own! Kids just know how to push and push at times!!
Have a fun Christmas!

Betina said...

You are very good at Love and Logic. I hope she was really cold :)