Sunday, December 14, 2008

Look'n like Christmas...

(Our last veggies from the garden)
What? A bountiful garden harvest doesn't sound like Christmas to you???
This year our last harvest made it a bit longer with the cold frame. The carrots were amazing!!! I have never tasted a sweeter carrot. I think the frost may have done them some good.

Hello, merry little tree from our front yard...My, you look grand in our front living room. You now get the grand exit from our front yard as our Christmas tree.
You shouldn't feel bad, considering your life was sentenced this past summer, and then spared for this grand exit. And boy, don't you look pretty...
Here are a few of the trimmings we have been working on...Feather ball ornaments. The kiddies spent the better part of an hour gluing all sorts of feathers to these paper-mache cute!
Each of the kids made a nest for their birds. Can you tell who's bird is who's?
These two love to pretend they are birds and build nests out of all sorts of things. It was fun to see how much care went into each of their nests.
Yesterday, they both created a Christmas masterpiece for me to hang. I LOVE them. It was great to give them their own canvas ans to watch them go crazy...especially Oscar! I can't help but love all of his art projects lately. He is at the stage where he finally is getting it and the results are great!
Next, although it is hard to our gingerbread train we decorated tonight.
What you don't see it? Just try deciphering the candy heap and you will discover a cute little engine, four train cars and a caboose. If you want to make one of your own here is the sight where I found the recipe and the templates.
We made these a couple of years ago with the Workman family and Betina made this great discovery, when you are printing the templates off, if you choose the two-pages-per-page option it scales the train down a bit. The original is pretty large. This half size seemed to be just about perfect. With the extra dough we made two extra train cars.
We've also had our first snow. We went from mid 30's with no snow to freezing temps with 6-8 inches. The kiddos are loving it!
Poppy is loving the snow this year (as evidenced by her sassy face), which gives me great hope that one day she will want to ski.
She doesn't even mind getting it in her face, that is until she goes down the sled hill face first and gets a little too much...She decided she had had enough of the cold and wanted to go home.
Oscar man (AKA snow boy) doesn't seem to notice the cold. First thing the last two mornings at 6:30am he is out in his winter-wear shoveling the drive.

We are in full Christmas mode, music, lights, decorations and a few more Christmas projects to go...we hope to make a snowman pinata tomorrow! I love Christmas!!!

Now, I just need to pass my glucose test tomorrow morning (having eaten a ton of candy during train building this evening)...we shall see, wish me luck!
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Maren said...

What a fun post. You guys are busy as usual. I do love your Christmas tree. And think, it's FREE!

Old Warrior said...

Sure--I can see the carrots and chard-both cold hardy, and have been in the cold frame, but what's with those tomatos? Still have them hanging around?
Sounds like y'all are enjoying the winter so far. Hope Rick is cautious on his new studded tires.... Should we find a way up there this winter?

Jamison Fischer said...

Tomatoes hanging in the shed. We'll have a few more through December. The chard was not in the cold frame, I had to remove the snow to cut it.

Jamison Fischer said...

Oh, and yes, as I was finishing my run, Oscar was already out shoveling the drive.