Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving part 2 (prepare for overload!)

Because I'm sure all of you didn't get enough of the chicken is the bird.

In a visit where there are lots of people to see, we opted to have a sister's pizza party at Verena's house. After, I made them work on thier own Christmas gifts...aren't I so nice? Here are a few of the sisters: Verena, Katrina, Joanna, me and my best friends from High school Angie (who made a special trip to come see me).

(I must say this is one of my favorite pictures of Oscar...what a cute boy!)
After a delightful time at the grandma and Grandpa D's house, we shuttled down to Utah for the Grandma and Grandpa E segment.
Oscar, Daddy, Auntie Emily and Uncle Carvel spent Wednesday Skiing up at Alta. If you sense a slight hint of jelousy in my writing you would be correct. This year they had a bunch of early snow and they had a wonderful time skiing.

I don't think they look happy...what do you think?
One piece of our trip that was really cool, and not pictured was our trip to see the exhibit "Body Worlds" it is the exhibit where they take human bodies and plasticize them. It was really cool and Oscar kept great notes about the things we saw. If you get a chance you should check it out.
(Oscar's pocket's bulging with golf ball findings)
We then made sure to get in our annual Golf ball hunt.
Not only did we find a bunch of golf balls, but uncle Reed and Ricky found some sort of cryptic message stowed away in a little capsule of sorts. If any of you know this language, maybe you can decipher it for us. It was a funny note that was spinkled with some incense of sorts.
Cousin Willie, Auntie Meg, Uncle reed and baby sam came along. Aunt Natalie was there too (just not pictured, as well as grandma)
Daddy and Poppy walking the line...And lastly was the trip to see the temple lights. We rode the train downtown and spent a bit of time shuffling through the crowd. Althoughit is always very crowded, I was delighted to see how much the kids liked the pretty lights and the Temple.
The next day after a few last minute stops we headed on home.
We spent Saturday night in a hotel in Boise where we stuffed ourselves with Pizza and went swimming. Sunday mornign we stopped in to see great Grandma Dilworth and made the last of our journey home.

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