Friday, December 5, 2008

Post # 250!!! Note to self...

Dear Pregnant self,
In the event that you wake up on a spin-teaching morning, and think that you do not want to teach, please remember the last 2 weeks without spinning and you will quickly remember just how great it feels to move your body!

Oh, and be grateful that you can still do it! With the narrowing of previous abilities, take joy in the fact that there are still things you CAN do! Oh, and stop whining...after all, your body is in the process of creating a whole other being and you only get the chance to do this a few times in your life.
Be patient!

And while you are at it, please devise a holiday eating strategy that does not involve eating pie-crust, for it seems to give you heart matter how much you love it.
As compensation for the pie crust, I give you freedom to eat as much Chocolate as you like, as long as it is dark.

I'm not sure this is a quality post for #250...but then again, one day I will look back and laugh.


Maren said...

That is such a fun e-mail to yourself. I always did hate the heartburn. I want to join you one of these days for spin class, I just fear Braden will make some babysitters life miserable.

Suzie-Q said...

It is always nice to have letter to your yourself, they do really come in handy you least expect it.
Sorry about the heart-burn, I just hate that I have it with eveything I eat when I am pregnant.