Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shiny-er Christmas-eve Party

Edge Family 2nd Annual Christmas Eve Party

The Edge Family 2nd annual Mexican Christmas-eve party had a new addition this year. We like to call him Frosty. We spent the past week making him. The kids helped with the paper-mache and the painting. Little did we know he would be the bang of the party.(Notice that the "broom" in Poppy's hand has a blue handle...)
After a tasty Mexican dinner (short the heavily anticipated veggie tamales, due to Patty's kitchen miscalculating orders) we gathered around the living room for a bit of Pinata fun.
Soon it was Oscar's turn, and just as I snapped this photo (notice the missing broom handle) I was smacked in the nose with the handle.
To be honest, I truly had no idea what hit me. All I knew was there was a sudden gush of blood and I ran to the bathroom. Who knew just how much one's nose can bleed? After the considerate care of my house guests (which I really never got to see off properly) I spent the rest of the evening with a bowl, ice pack and tissues.
I didn't get to to wrap the gifts I was planning on, nor did I get to snuggle up to my spouse to play Santy-clause...nope, I was on the couch avoiding the blood going down my throat.
No need to fear, Ricky pulled off the whole Christmas story, putting kids to bed, played Santy clause, all while I watched/sat on the side lines. is the shiner. It is getting better, but man it really hit me hard.
Oscar felt so bad and was crying. He even brought me Frosty's lower abdomen full of candy as a peace offering (that is, after he stashed a bag of his favorite pieces in his room). I felt pretty bad for him.
It did however take me back to his own shiner incident and made me remember just how bad I felt when he pulled the dresser on himself.
I'm sure this will be a Christmas party to remember. My friend Laurel who was there called today and said "We had a great time, until I was suddenly cleaning blood off your carpet." She also joked that this was a nice "Mormon" Christmas party (sans alcohol) and wondered if I could imagine what it would be like if there were alcohol involved???? It was also her husband Jeremy, who moments before we began the whole pinata process, joked that we should be video tapping it because someone always gets hurt...hahaaaa very funny!

Now the only problem is Rick not feeling like an abusive husband when we go out in public...

Next post will be our Christmas-day re-cap...


Nedge said...

Woah! Now I am jealous of that shiner! What a way to spend christmas! I can't wait to hear how it went. :)

Beth said...

I'm not sure who I feel sorry for more, you or Oscar!

Suzie-Q said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. And we did have a great time thank you so much again for letting us come to the party!
After much debate Rob and I decided that it was far better for you to be the onr that got hit seeing how he was standing right next to you holding my little Hailey in his arms.

He also said "Wow, it must have hit pretty hard cause Either I heard it hit in the kitchen or just the sound of it hitting you."
It must have going pretty fast to have flown through the kitchen too!

Have a great Holiday!

mama rhodes said...

Too bad you guys don't eat meat. Maybe you would have had a nice steak for that shiner! This will be a Christmas remembered for years. Think, when you sit around sharing your most memorable Christmas this one will always be a top 10.

Maren said...

That is a real shiner. I am sure Oscar feels terrible. It looks like you all had fun though.

Sharon said...

Nice!! Glad that the bleeding stopped. Laurel was very calm as she tried to tell me what had happened, then couldn't do it so handed off to Helen who did a wonderful job. Remind me not to come to your house next year for Christmas :) Better luck with New Years!!!!
Sharon & Steve