Monday, November 6, 2006

Blog worthy material

Now that I have taken on the responsibility for a "blog"(as if two kids a dog and a husband aren't enough!) I find myself throughout the day thinking...This would be good...or I'm going to write about that! Yet, as I sit here, computer in lap, I have forgotten those fantastic items that were certain to make good writing material.
Alas...something has occurred to seems all day today Oscar was full of a million questions. Not the easy variety mind you. He wants to know all the good stuff. Like what his address is and what is smoking (after explanation he still inquires to know more!) , what is Oxygen?????? Most of the time I try the simple quick answer. However, he never seems quite satisfied with that. It becomes and long drawn out discussion.
This isn't necessarily a bad thing. But, when he is asking for further explanation while I'm running up a hill or talking on the phone., or driving through construction...It gets a little difficult to satisfy his curious brain!
I find myself yelling "Oscar just give me a minute"...(then the guilt sets in).
He has mastered the part of saying "Excuse me mom". But when I don't respond immediately, he repeats this over and over, louder and louder until I'm forced to make some response!
As my lovely husband would say "Brevity is the soul of whit". I wish someday that Lil' O would settle for a little brevity.
He is after all a four year old. He has the whole world in front of him and only understands a small fraction of what's really going on!
I wonder how frustrated we would be if every time we called some customer service place for further clarification on something. What if they kept putting us on hold. Oh, wait that happens all the time!!! It is Frustrating!!!!
No wonder when I don't respond the first time he keeps Shouting until I actually make some acknowledgment of his presence!
Although he may not pick the perfect timing. I suppose I'm really grateful he has such an inquisitive mind. I just wish I knew the correct answers at all the right moments!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there with all the little ones' questions. When they're teens you'll be wishing they would talk to you. And when they're in college they know all the answers but don't have a clue as to what the questions are. I'll never forget the day I was walking my son to school [he was all of seven]; he looked at me in all seriousness and asked me what eternity meant.

mamma letty said...

Thanks...I'll start trying to prepare my response to that one. I'm sure it will come up! Meanwhile I"ll work onmy patience.