Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving!
Being back here in Utah I have had a flood of memories come back to me. Yesterday Rick and I went for a Run along the Jordan River Parkway. I suddenly remembered a time last summer when I took Oscar for a run on the same route. I’ve decided to share it with you as I am now THANKFUL not to be pregnant…
While running on this pathway and nearing the turnaround point, Oscar needed to go “Potty”. Seeing a bathroom up ahead I ran as fast as my pregnant body would go. Arriving at the bathroom we discovered it was locked! This typically isn’t an issue for Oscar as long as he is going #1. This however was a #2 emergency.
About a ½ mile further was another bathroom. I first tried to get him to go in the bushes…didn’t work. I put him back in the stroller and off we ran to the next bathroom.
The bathroom was open to my relief and I sat Oscar on the toilet.
He was now old enough that he didn’t want me in the stall with him while he did his work (I was 7 months prego and took up most of the stall anyway). Patiently I waited outside of the stall.
Minutes passed and Oscar finished his work. He is still young enough however that he still needs me to help wipe. As I went to open the door I discover that Oscar has locked it and he now could not/would not unlock the door! Yes, this is the moment when the mommy becomes the not-so-nice mom and demands that Oscar unlock the door so that I can help him. He just laughs. The laugh begins to fuels my pregnant short-tempered mind!
Taking stock of my options I realize that I’m going to have to crawl under the door opening to get Oscar taken care of! Here’s the dilemma…My belly is large enough that I had to suck my protruding stomach in as far as possible…and I still barely (that is had to wiggle to get under and through the opening) made it under.
I should note that the bathroom floor was not clean!
After rescuing the naughty child, I put him back in the stroller to finish the run back.
Oh…the memories!
Yes I’m grateful that I am not as large as a whale…thankful that I have great families and friends. Yes, and I’m very grateful for my two beautiful children who help me become a more well rounded person!


Jamison Fischer said...

There are few times that I am glad to be working during the days...

Abby Norman said...

I can just see that! That knotty little kid!

Anonymous said...

How funny! I've heard that story before but it didn't sink in until you wrote it down. Thanks for taking the long trip to see us. We enjoyed it more than you could ever know. (Ever know right now but someday when one of your kids live away you will know) Life is funny that way-things become so much clearer as you get older Love Mummy