Saturday, December 2, 2006

Winter Wonderland

After a week of busy life and not blogging...I attempt to catch my loyal readership up on the Family. Here we are today at the park sledding.
It has been so pretty here with a bunch of snow and cold enough temperatures to keep it on the ground.
Rick tried to convince Oscar that snow tubes are better than sleds...But Oscar was not convinced. Therefore, Rick got a tube and Oscar a sled. I think both of them like to have their own specific preferences!
Poppy was a human sea-star decked out in Oscar's old snow suit and boots. She liked the snow for the first half hour, then the only time she was happy was when she was going down the hill with us.
Oscar loved sledding. He seemed to never get tired or cold. Rick and poppy went home and left Oscar and I there with smiley to play and walk home later. It's a good thing that the palouse is so hilly, because I convinced Oscar to walk home with me so that he could sled down the hills on the way home.
Smiley the Dog nearly caught himself a duck! The Pond was mostly frozen over so he could have better access to the slow, cold birds. While sledding we had to tie him up so that he wouldn't torment the poor birds.
Yes, it was a merry winter day at our house. We chopped down our Christmas tree from our back yard. It is so tall that it pretty much goes to the highest point of our vaulted ceiling.
We had a great time decorating and Poppy still is playing with all the decorations. (I'll include more Pictures of the "Princess" later).
Have a happy winter day!


Old Warrior said...

It would be way nice to be out there with your little family. We'll have to get a pic of the tree in the house. Keep enjoying the journey.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great! It looks like a lot of fun. We just have cold and no snow here, which doesn't seem as nice and cozy. Keep on having fun! I enjoy reading your blog.