Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Traditions, the fun things we do together as families that when one thinks back to a certain holiday or event immediately our brains process the thread that pulls all of them together, traditions.

This year we are going to be experiencing our very first Christmas with just us four (five if you count smiley) family members.

Among other activities we experienced the joy of making a gingerbread train! Betina, Kenneth, Eden, and Oakley joined us in the fun-filled process of creating a candy heap of a train!

Here are some pictures of last nights FHE ginger experience. You can get a glimpse of the Workman's train in the background.

Oscar really enjoyed making the train but was quite disappointed when I informed him we will not be eating it until Christmas day. This morning after breakfast he said "mom I just can't wait till Christmas to eat it!" He did manage to knock a small piece off and I allowed him to eat the piece. I wonder if this will become a pattern? Him accidentally bumping it????
Tee next item to report is that I have completed a few projects that have been lingering in the back of my mind for days!!! Oscar and I sorted through our toys today and organized them into tidy little containers. We also sorted out the toys we no longer play with and will take them to good will tomorrow!!! Woo hoo! To some this may seem trivial, but the thought of getting new toys for Christmas, just to be stacked on top of all the other toys was weighing heavy on my clutter conscious brain!
We can now have Christmas! This also was what Rick wanted for Christmas. He asked Santa to get rid of some things for his Christmas present. Therefore I have now killed two birds with one stone. I will ask the Good Will to give me a receipt, and then I'll wrap it up for my hubby for Christmas. (Rick if you read this you can just act surprised on Christmas morning!)
The last picture is the finished product! If you are wanting a fun project to do here is a link to the train recipe and templates. There should be one more train car on our train but we ran out of space on our wrapped cardboard. Good thing about that is that we could eat the leftovers!
If you have any other cool tradition ideas leave me a comment and we'll see what cool traditions we can develop.

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younger taller sis-in-law said...

Traditions! I like this idea. What fun it is to be the parents and get to decide what traditions your unit is going to have. I still love how the Edge senior unit gets to make a craft every Christmas eve.

Old Warrior said...

And the brown train goes so well with the green counters!
I hope with all my soul that you and that hubby of yours are enjoying this time of your lives. Sunrise, Sunset, and all that. Keep being so good!

mummy said...

Guess what the craft this year is? It's a good one!

mummy said...

That train looks great! Yummy and tasty. I'de have the whole thing for Christmas Eve dinner. However you could keep it for 20 years and bring it out each year to see. We have some cookies on the tree that are 20+years old. There are only 2 left and they are looking pretty sad. Perhaps the mice have been in the Christmas trimming box. It's a darn good rhing Old Warrior has taken to trapping. He gets one of those little buggers every day. Sometimes he leaves them in the trap with their neck squished and their eyes bulging. He leaves this on the bench with their face looking at us so we can see them each time we leave through the back door. I'm glad we have someone to take care of the problem, otherwise we would be having mice sticking their heads up through our cooking stove by now. Time to go to that blissful place

mamma letty said...

Whats the craft??? Maybe we will do it too that wasy we are still dong something together?