Thursday, December 28, 2006


Recently My four year old has become an expert an a variety of topics. And for the things he doesn't know he isn't afraid to ask.
While driving he asked me "mom what is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean?" My response was "Europe" then he says "your what?". This just leads to more conversation on the other continents.
Next: Fire building...Yesterday I decided to build a fire in our new fire place. After chopping some kindling and other wood I began to "build" the fire. Oscar then informed me that I hadn't chopped any kindling and that I didn't know how to build a fire. I assured him I cut kindling and that I did know how to build a fire. He didn't believe me until I actually built the fire. Then tonight Oscar was helping Rick build the fire and he said..."we have to use the little ones first...then the medium ones, and then the big ones."
For dinner the last few days the items on the menu haven't been his favorite. We have still managed to force the food down him...reluctantly. He then informed me that if I would make things he liked than he would eat by himself. Needless to say we had apple waffles tonight. He ate very well and had second helpings. Amazing what a boy can fit in his stomach when it is his "favorite". During prayers tonight he said "thank you for the lovely dinner". I guess he really did like the waffles.


Old Warrior said...

You guys don't know how wonderful it is to read little snippets of your lives. We really do need to get up there/ Soon.
thanks for being such a good mom to our grandkids.

Abby Norman said...

Thank you for blogging. I love to read your "snippets of your lives" as OW said.

younger shorter sis-in-law said...

ha, ha, ha. Think about it--if you give me spinach I'll eat about two bites. Give me chocolates and before I realize the entire box is gone. Sounds like Oscar has figured this out. If only both Oscar and I could figure out how to enjoy healthy food.