Sunday, December 3, 2006

Princess Poppy!

Around our house we have a royal highness...yes we have the Princess Poppy. She not only is the boss, but she demands that her requests be granted! (Typically these requests come in the form of increased volume of grunting and forceful bodily gestures.)
The Princess is only a little over one and yet has the authority of those much older than herself. While shopping, visiting grandparents, attending church, etc... she knows just what to do to captivate all persons within her vicinity. She puts her hand on her hip and bends over slightly all the while looking upward, staring into the eyes of the person for whom she wants their attention. If this attempt fails she then proceeds to make her presence known by either loudly requesting attention, or by lovingly snuggling up to them.
It's too bad we all can't be a princess such as her. Can you imagine what would happen if good ol' George W. was to walk into every room of dignitaries and put his hand on his hip, stoop slightly and then proceed to charm them all with a smile?
It does leave one to admire such charismatic abilities. I wish I could throw a tantrum one minute, demand attention the next, and still be considered adorable! It just doesn't happen that way in the Mommy world.
Just this morning as I was trying to make oatmeal for two VERY demanding hungry children. I found myself wanting to wine back in response that it takes more than 10 seconds to make oatmeal!!!! Yet, I knew that if I were to wine and complain, it would fall on deaf ears. Yes, they would still ignore my tantrum and demand that they want their bellies filled at this very moment.
That is how it goes for us servants of the Princess. We conform to requests merely to avoid the conflict that is sure to arise if we were to otherwise ignore the request. This I like to call "choosing my battles". Hopefully in the end, we have a princess who charms, and a prince (Oscar) who listens and obeys and a mother who has her sanity still in tact.
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A. Buchanan said...

the snow adventure looks awesome. it looks like you guys are digging the snow too. if your around this winter lets do atla after 3 for FREE! We cant wait for night skiing this year.

Old warrior said...

Yes, the princess sort of had her way when y'all were here for the week. I don't recall gma or me telling her "no" very often...something about how darn cute she is. Come to think of it, i don't think Oscar lacked in getting his way much either...

younger taller sister-in-law said...

I too wish I could complain, however my complaints fall on wailing ears also. I make up for it by complaining to the parents. They just smile and remain empathetic. But sometimes I wonder if they are hoping I'll leave so they can play with the source (baby Micah).