Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Thanks to Oscar's wonderful Grandma, we now have the game "Operation". You may recall this game from your youth. The game where you try to pull out fictitious body parts with a pair of tweezers. If you touch the metal edges with the tweezers, the nose lights up and makes a really loud buzzing noise.
Last night Oscar found where I had conveniently placed the game for future (few years down the road) use. Being the nice mommy that I am, we put the batteries in and I carefully showed him how it worked.
The first few times it beeped his eyes got really big and he would jump with this hint of confusion and dislike on his face. He was hesitant to take his turn knowing that he inevitably would hit one of the edges and it would once again make the BUZZZ! After a few minutes of contemplation he decided to take the plunge. Straight for the butterflies in your stomach. With a loud BUZZZZZZZ he dropped the tweezers...looked at me, eyes tearing up, and starts to cry. Yes, Mr. doesn't like loud noises, crawled onto my lap and cried because of "OPERATION"! It took him quite a while to recover. I finally convinced him to try again and I would take the batteries out.
Don't worry grandma...the game is a big hit, minus the batteries.
Oscar has never liked loud noises. He would cry over thunder, fireworks, gunshots (at a parade), and any other loud or otherwise disruptive noise. He is a sensitive kid. He has a soft heart, sensitive ears and a great imagination.
As For "Operation" I think he will leave the batteries out.


Abby Norman said...

he he. Just wait. In a few years, or a year...he might like the suspense of the buzz! :)

Mummy said...

I never had the game or played it until I was an adult. I didn't remember it even had a buzz only the nose lighting up or something. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Once in a while you happen on to something fun! Actually it has only taken me about 3 years to take heed of the recommeded age on toys. So I now will heed that more stringently. Too bad Christmas surprises are already on their way. You can open the box-the smaller boxes inside are wrapped. It's fun hearing from you Love Mom

mamma letty said...

Don't worry Oscar loves them all...even if they scare him.

A. Buchanan said...

Yeah that thing gets me every time! I always forget the noise it makes until its too late. And I usually pee my pants.