Saturday, December 9, 2006

Happy Winter Day!

Happy Winter Day! Yes, today I went snow shoeing with some ladies from a ward that does fun activities! If I didn't like Pullman so much I would think of moving to Colfax to hang out with the the cool girls that are in the Colfax ward.
Luckily Betina invited me to go along.
We had a great time and I discovered that I really enjoyed snow shoeing through snowy fields.
Prior, I had thought that skiing was the only way to go. After clopping through some piney woods and snowy fields I discovered it was great fun!

Here are a few pics. 1st Kelly, Betina and I. Then there is a pic of everyone but me...I'm taking the pic.
Thanks to my sweet spouse we now have a fireplace! I came home this afternoon from snow shoeing to find a fire ready to go and Rick had taken the kids shopping. It was so nice to have a nice warm and toasty fire!
I've included a pic of Rick's handy dandy tile and fire insert installation. He did a great job...Don't you think?? What a great hubby!!! Happy Saturday to you. I'm now going to go drink the nice warm tea that Ricky made for me.


Abby Norman said...

Where's the picture of your fireplace??? I'm glad that you've had the experience of snow shoeing--and liked it! I want to try some day! :)

mamma letty said...

It's the picture at the top...can you not see it??

Old Warrior said...

Snow shoeing==I think you should break out the skinny skiis and get out in the back country--but the snow is probably not the fine, dry, wonderful Utah stuff...
The fireplace looks good. How about a close up of the tile work?
When would you allow the old folks up for a visit?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun...A fire place. That sounds nice. Maybe one day we will have a house with a fireplace!

mummy said...

For Y.W. tonight we had a nice fire outside in the backyard and told stories. The fire was pretty big and smelled like cedar. I always think-why don't we sit around out here more often? It would be even nicer later at night when people have their lights off. Everyone has gone to bed,tucked in their nice cozy blankets so I guess I'll join them