Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Today was the day of mischief around our house.
After discovering a tampered-with present. I found the evidence of the culprit on Poppy's rear-end.
Next, I came into the kitchen to find Oscar with the play kid phone taken apart. He assured me he could put it back together. Here you see the re-assembly process. To his credit he did a great job.
Then tonight, Rick had set out ingredients for caramel popcorn to make with his scouts. I went spinning and when we returned we discovered that one of the cubes of butter were missing. We assumed that Smiley must have eaten it...package and all. Bu,t then discovered he had taken it by his bed for a mid-night snack. If you look closely you will see the cube of butter(partially eaten) next to the TV cabinet by his bed.
Today, I am the Mother-detective. Like most days around here it's difficult for my kids to really get away with much...I do after all, have eyes in the back of my head.

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mummy said...

I'm sitting here reading about your adventures when I should be doing work. Everyone last night who read your blog was chuckling and now I'm sitting here laughing out loud to myself. How funny are those pictures along with your description! Lindsey was singing a song that got in her brain last evening after reading your blog and now it is in my brain-
BUSTED. You know the song by one of those singers dad likes. Its about he's got a wife and kid and no money so he's busted da da da da da da da.

Betina said...

so funny. esp the ribbon on Poppys bum. Someone needs to train her in the art of making herself invisible

mummy said...

We had grandma sit down and read your blog and look at the pictures-even grandma laughed!