Sunday, December 17, 2006

Week in review...

Oscar and Poppy share a snuggle on the blankets I had pulled out of her bed while changing her sheets. Poppy is binky-ing on her hair and Oscar likes to rub his chin on her soft hair. I think binky-ing is genetic but as I said before, it came from the Rickster side of the family.

Next, we have Oscar's debut as "Joseph" in the ever-so-famous "joy school" production. He really wanted to be a King(wise man). However, since there are only two boys and two girls in Joy school...Oscar conceded to being Joseph since Kade wanted to be the Inn keeper.

I think this is what parenting is all about! School plays, teacher conferences...we had teacher conference with Oscar's other preschool teachers. We discovered that he is a pretty average kid who loves to play with other kids and likes to be playing more than doing work sheets. (Big surprise!) Yah, well they didn't tell us anything to important to report...sorry. They did mention that he is a perfectionist of sorts and that when other kids are doing things wrong he likes to intervene to put them in their place. They said he isn't violent but can be voiceterous (is that a word?) at times.

Next, we have the Chinese food. Oscar keeps saying that Chinese food is his favorite. So, last Saturday we had real Chinese take-out food. He loved it and the chop sticks. Here is a picture of him eating my not-so-authentic stir fry with the same set of chop sticks.

Last but certainly not least here is the typical picture of Oscar on Santa's (Bro. Creger's) lap. I should make clear that we have told Oscar that Santa was real at one time but that now we celebrate the "spirit of giving" or what we like to refer to as "Santa". Although he knows this it appears that he is still a believer. I don't mind that he believes in Santa, I just have a hard time thinking that I'm not telling him the truth about something. Therefore I made the executive motherly decision to explain that "Santa" isn't real.

Ever since Oscar could barely talk he wanted to know if things were "real" or not. He would ask me things like...Mom is that a real bird? I would make the clarification that yes, it was in fact a chickadee. Then he would want me to clarify if things like monsters, spider man, batman, etc... were real or not. So, now that we have arrived at the belief in Santa (even after my clarification on the matter) I've decided to step back and see where his imagination takes him. (after all, I'm not the one encouraging it) At dinner tonight he said a lovely prayer and asked that Santa would be safe so he would be able to deliver his presents.

Speaking of Oscar prayers. Friday morning I taught an early morning spin class. So, Rick was around with the kids when they woke up and we got to say family prayers together. Oscar wanted to say the prayer and said "Thank you that daddy has a job and makes money so that we don't have to live in a tent and eat bugs." He was very sincere and it made me proud as a Mom to know that my child appreciates the sacrifice his dad makes for our family.

Another funny thing he said was...this morning Rick said "Oscar you should go light the fire". Oscar replied "no dad I can't play with slitches". Yes, we now have another word for the Oscar dictionary.

As for the Popster...she currently has 3 mollers coming in and I'm reminded of my two least favorite things: Immunizations and teething! They both turn my otherwise delightful child into a monster. Not the pretend kind. We are talking the ornery, winy, poopy, fevery, biting, and miserable child. Every time I start to think that aliens have abducted my wonderful child. I realize that they have teeth coming in!

Lastly, and then I'll close this forever long blog entry. If you want to read details(pseudo details) about our disastrous family photo shoot, and about Oscar and dad fighting over what we get to listen to on the car stereo. You'll have to check out the oatmuncher's blog.
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mummy said...

What great pictures and tales. Keep it up, its cheering to an old heart. Thanks for the Christmas box. It took alot of time to gather all the surprises and then mail them. Thanks for all your effort. You are such a good example to all of us.

mummy said...

Letty -I just read your comment to my little blog. I must confess its pretty easy to play with Oscar. I just sit there and he does all the imagining and play work. And with Poppy-hey its soft binky time! Its nice to be an old grandma and sit around and drink in the sunshine of the innocents.

younger taller sister-in-law said...

I always wondered why you decided to explain to Oscar that Santa isn't real. Boy, mothering is hard--If/when I get to make these types of decisions I hope I don't let cynical others bother me. Oscar is such a fun kid!