Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Review!

Christmas...Yes, we have had a great Christmas. What could be better than sparkling lights, yummy food, super cute kids, a fabulous hubby! Life is good!

Here is a picture outline of our Christmas holiday. The first is Oscar at his pre-school "winter" program. He was so funny. All of the other kids would be singing and doing the actions and Oscar would follow...a couple seconds behind. I wish I knew how to post a video clip. If I figure it out I'll include it.
Next, Oscar and Poppy woke to find that Santa did in fact visit our house. Oscar even received a return letter from the jolly old fellow. He was delighted that Santa enjoyed the licorice, milk, and oranges he left for Santa and his reindeer.
Santa left a fun race car track which, after acquiring some batteries that Santa forgot. Oscar and Ricky spent hours racing each other.
Poppy received her first-ever doll and stroller. She has spent a lot of time running into walls chairs, etc. She likes to stack things on top of her baby. She's quite the little girl.
Christmas afternoon we participated in the blue monkey Christmas 5K run. Participants were encouraged to wear costumes. Rick was adorned in Pink tights and lovely Super-cape. I was wearing the Tutu...Oscar was the red dragon, Poppy the sunflower(bring back memories of Halloween?).
The Edge family runners were first to finish...not that it was really a race or anything. It was a fun run in a bit of rain.
Later we continued to play with the bundle of toys that we acquired from Grandma's etc... Today was somewhat of a flash back to yesterday in the toy department. I spent most of the day picking up and playing with the menagerie of Christmas items around.
We have been so blessed to have great family members, good job, home, life is good!
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Old Warrior said...

OK--we need to find a few days to journey northwest to the Palouse...
Looks like a grand time had by all the crew! Did Oscar get the race track, or was that Daddy's Santa wish?

mamma letty said...

I'm not sure? Afterall, he did help santa pick it out!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone didn't spend their entire Christmas day eating...going for a run! What a novel idea, now about these new 10 pounds of mine...