Friday, November 3, 2006

The psuedo active mom

Here to the left you will find a picture of what I like to call our containment chamber (also known as the jogger/trailer) . This contraption is quite frequently the passport to my sanity. I can buckle my two kids in the doodlebug(that's actually its name) and then suddenly I'm free as a bird to run like the wind and ride like the breeze! That is until I take the first four steps and realize that it weighs a literal TON! Ok, so maybe not a TON but at least 80lbs. Still, I find myself out there pushing/pulling my kids around like I'm actually getting somewhere.

Then there are mornings like today where I wake to find that it was above freezing(for the first time in a couple weeks) and I decide to take a run to the post office and then to drop Oscar off at preschool. Dandy thought that is until...I also decide to bring Smiley dog along. (I should note here that smiley hasn't been on a run since last Saturday and is quite eager to run!)

As we launch off down the huge hill... smiley suddenly spots a squirrel and decides to make a dash for it! (For those of you unfamiliar with the dynamics of pushing a jogger and holding a dog leash. I need to clarify that when the dog pulls in one direction...the jogger goes the exact oppisite direction with equal force and speed!) So, here we are running down the hill making a turn and Smiley decides to make his I find myself pulling jogger towards the direction of the dog in order to not collide with on coming traffic. Then as you can imagine the jogger, myself and dog collide with the curbside! Oscar begins yelling "whoaahhhhhhh... MOM I need my helmet!" He wasn't concerned with actually crashing!! He was more concerned with the fact that he didn't have the right equipment for the landing. He's definably a boy!

Now, there's no need to worry about the kids they were safely buckled in the chamber and using my cat like reflexes, was able to maneuver the dog and jogger back on track! It's a good thing I came equipped with my motherly instincts (right?).

I'm not sure why I enjoy these "outings" with the kids in their containment chamber...but there must be some reward for attempting to achieve such motherly fitness...oh thats right, a bucket full of Halloween candy just waiting for me to indulge! At least now I don't feel as guilty!!


Heatherly said...

Colletteeee you are so cute. :o)

Old Warrior said...

Testing---Is that a flat portion of the Palouse in the background of that picture? I didn't know that any non-hilly terrain was allowed. Has Smiley ever caught the rabbits?

mamma letty said...

humm....he came close once...after crawling under a shrub for an hour and coming out with a rug burned belly...he gave up. Flat part of the palouse???? The pic was at the trail head(the only flat terrain around)...not where I happened to be running the other day! Old pic.