Thursday, November 9, 2006


Inspired by one of the finer things in life...Chocolate. I decided to change my hair color. We can now say that I'm a chocolate head! Does that now mean that I look delicious?

Speaking of chocolate...I was sitting here eating some of the tasty stuff (that I got for my birthday) and noticed on the package that it said: "Chocolate is sacred. There is an art to the alchemy of chocolate, an art we explore with mystery and integrity."(Dagoba organic chocolate) Sounds pretty deep...I"m not really even sure what "alchemy" is??? (Thanks to Wikipedia I have discovered that alchemy"refers to an early form of the investigation of nature and early philosophical and spiritual discipline, both combining elements of chemistry, physics, medicine, astrology, metallurgy, semiotics, mysticism, spiritualism, and art.") Well that sums it up...GOOD STUFF!!

I think you would only find that sort of depth on the back of "organic" chocolate. Certainly Hershey's and Nestle wouldn't put it on their labels. Their label would read something like this..."Fit for human consumption"..."we do not test on animals".
I'm not a chocolate snob entirely...if there is a bucket of Halloween candy close by, and say there is a Reeses peanut butter cup inside...yeah, well...I'm certainly not going to let it go to waste! I do however, prefer the darker side of the chocolate world and I think that Lindt has the corner on the market.
Enough about my chocolate musings...back to cleaning house! May the force be with you! Posted by Picasa


Betina said...

Okay, too wierd that we are both chocolate now. Nice hair, by the way :) And Happy Birthday. A REAL friend would have know that... will try harder next year.

I have not been able to run all week due to sinus infection and children who vomit all night long rendering me useless in the morning. Argh. I know you feel my pain.

I have FOUR of my siblings and both parents for a visit this weekend.

Whats new with you? Let's talk.

Abby Norman said...

I like it! It looks very nice...I feel like I should go make some nice crunchy dark chocolate toffee...

A. Buchanan said...

Yo BABE!!!! hottie patottie..i 'm totally digging your hair and color.. if i could pull off a little darker color i'd do it in a second. i've tried it before and it doesn't look too swift on me.;)i'm too pale. it makes me look as far as chocolate i can only dream of it, it kills Ryan's stomach.

Anonymous said...

hey collette love the hair and the chocalate thougt. But, lately I haven't had a lot. Katrina and I our working out 5 days a week so we are trying to get down your blog love marie