Thursday, November 2, 2006

In the beginning...

As a mother of 2 and a wife of one (yes only one)...I've decided to compile( blog) some of my encounters of everyday life. Such as our dog Smiley puking on the floor yesterday...or of the Oscar deciding to use his new Halloween pencil to make a lovely drawing on the kitchen wall. And I'll be sure to include the lovely tales of a Poppy girl who is not happy about being weened from her mother!

Here in blog space I can share the happenings of a happy home of new discovery and adventure. Thus you have "THE-MOTHER-BLOG"...not quite the mother ship but a tiny world of a few humans doing normal everyday stuff.

And to start off the month of November we will look back into October to catch a few pics of our Halloween. A month ago Oscar came up with the idea that I would be a ballerina, dad would be a super hero, Oscar would be a red dragon and Poppy would be a... flower. After careful consideration we somehow managed to oblige.

Yes...I wore a tutu and yes Rick wore tights and yes poppy was an adorable sunflower! Oscar spent most of the month of October in and out of the "red" dragon costume. He was so excited when it was finally Halloween that he spent the whole morning asking me when the fun was supposed to begin! Little did he know that we don't actually party the entire day of Halloween.

Now, here we are post Halloween and dealing with two kids who LOVE candy. After talking to my sister yesterday, she gave me the idea to try and buy the candy from them so that they can buy a toy instead of eating all their candy. After telling my husband of this great idea he said ok let's see.

So, we're driving down the road going to my spinning class that I teach and Rick says..."Oscar how about I buy your candy from you for 2 dollars?" Oscar replied "no way dad!" then Rick says "how about we buy it from you for 2,000 dollars?" and without even considering this offer he simply says " Don't be silly dad".
So there you have would it be to be four again and the most important thing to you...even more that $2,000. Is a joyful bucket of candy.

Eat your heart out!


Old Warrior said...

Yep--when I was 4, and that was in the age of the dinosaours, no way would I have sold my halloween loot for a measly $2K! Did you take a picture of the kitchen wall painting prior to cleaning it up?
Cute Kids

mamma letty said...

nope...oscars has a good healthy consience and he told me what he did before I could find it. Then I asked him what we should do about it and he said we should clean it he spent a bit of time washing the wall. Too bad I didn't take a pic.

A. Buchanan said...

holy crap that is sooo funny!