Sunday, November 12, 2006

Edge terminology

We have now arrived at a point where it becomes important to educate our reading fan base on some of our household terminology. In order to help you clearly understand some of the things we may discuss, here is a list of some Edgeology...
Binky-ing: Verb-the action of placing something soft, and/or fuzzy between the thumb and first two fingers and rubbing together in order to soothe oneself to sleep. This may happen spontaneously when presented with something very soft..Such as Rick binky-ing the back of Poppy's head with his nose while holding her. (I've included a few pics of binky-ing to illustrate my point.) Poppy binky's her hair, Oscar binky's his blanket ties. Rick binky's his own hair, Poppy's, or Oscar's(but only when he's thinking) :o) I'm not a binky-er but I like to sniff Poppy's soft hair.
Stoach: Oscar word...Not quite sure what it's origin is. He usually uses it as a noun for a weapon of sorts.
Action: "Are you ready for this action"(oscar's use of the word) He also uses this word to indicate he wants to rough- house with his dad..."Dad let's do some action".

To save space I'll limit my list to these three but I'll be sure to add more later. Now I'll include a pic of Oscar and Ricks "action" acrobatics

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