Monday, November 13, 2006

Imaginary World

Each day there comes a delightful time called "quiet time"(This being defined as: Poppy takes a nap and Oscar checks in to imaginary world). This is the time period where, as a mother, I regroup for the remaining hours of wakefulness left in the day.
I suppose I even Drift off into imaginary I Imagine that my jobs (chores) are completed...or I imagine that it is sunny and warm outside, when actually it's 45 degrees and the wind is blowing at 45mph (I have a wind indicator, courtesy of previous owner).
Oscar truly is the master of the imaginary world!! If I want him to entertain himself, I only need ask that he "clean up" the play room. In a matter of minutes he has checked out into the deep beyond and will entertain himself for quite sometime! I think this is where he develops his extensive imaginary world vocabulary (i.e. Stoach). would it be to just check out of reality and into a world where you create your own language, make your own rules, and you always turn out the hero! Sounds pretty good!
Now, I'll go back to mediating poppy/oscar teasing. Real world here I come! Posted by Picasa


Abby Norman said...

he he. How does he come up with such magnificent sounding words! "Stoach"...I love it when he asks, "Mom, what does ___ mean?" And...that word doesn't exist. Mmm...and I love watching him play with his imagination. Reminds me of the days I used to pretend I was "Jungle Girl", and I'd swing around in a jungle fantasy land.

mamma letty said...

I wonder what sort of "land" Oscar escapes to. Who knows...maybe someday he'll blog it!

Anonymous said...

HI-Nat decided now life can get good again. Thanks for your support of her, her siblings have probably helped her more than her confused parents. Think of some more Edgeisms they are pretty funny. How about doing elephants when one fluffs too much? Or pillows or the girls? Love mummy