Friday, November 30, 2007

Cardio Crazy

Today while teaching my Spinning class I discovered just what it is that my body craves every day it isn't allowed to run! Cardio...yes, this is what makes me a happier person! I taught a nice workout today that went a bit like this:

5 min warm up

1:30 Standing climb HR80%
30 sec Seated climb decreased resistance HR75%
2:00 Standing climb HR80%
1:00 Seated flat HR maintains 80% (increase cadence to maintain HR)
1:00 Standing flat HR 80%
1:00 Seated Flat HR 80%
1:00 Standing Flat HR 80%
3:00 Seated Flat HR 75% (decreased tension)

5 min cool down
Repeat 4 times as a loop.

Class was really good and I made a new playlist for it but, I think I will do a few revisions of the play list. I've been trying to broaden my typical stuff and found some free stuff by another instructor. Overall it was a good mix but probably not my favorite!
We will Rock you, Queen
Revolution, Beatles
Starry Eye Surprise, Oakenfold
U2 Medley, mix by another web spin instructor DJ PD(this will be cut, it was a bit weird and my class gave me funny looks)
Harrowdown Hill, another mix by DJ PD
Tu es Foutu, Another mix my DJ PD (kinda weird but I liked it)
Holding out for a hero, Bonnie Tyler (footloose)
Don't Stop, Brazillian girls (another mix by DJ PD)
Maneater, Nelly Furtado ( One of my current favorites)
Manic Monday, Relient K (a Punky version)
With My own two hands, Jack Johnson

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