Friday, November 30, 2007

Peer Pressure...the good kind!

Lately Oscar has been coming up with really funny things...For example he no longer likes his name "Oscar" and would rather go by the name of "Austin"(his favorite friend).
This same friend, who dose happen to be a pretty good kid, does have some quirks...for one he doesn't like girls. Therefore, Oscar no longer likes his girl friends in Austin's presence. Together they also become this very voluminous bunch of superheros when ever they are together. I find myself constantly saying "tone it down boys". Overall they always play very well together. Even though Austin is about 2 years older than O'.
This afternoon I have been watching Austin, and he happened to be staying for dinner. Oscar who recently has become the dinner boycott champion, decided that he would eat his dinner, and that since Austin LOVES carrots, Oscar wanted extra carrots on his stir-fry too.
This is the kind of peer-pressure I can handle!

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Jen said...

this is exactly why i love to have kellen over to your house (well, one reason at least!) :) i swear the child worships oscar and would eat ANYTHING oscar eats. :)