Sunday, November 18, 2007

One year ago...

(Here's a picture from last year's Thanksgiving)
One year ago today we arrived here in Utah and surprised Rick's family for an earlier-than expected Thanksgiving visit.
Yesterday, we arrived just in time to see auntie Natalie swim in her UOU swim meet. It was really fun to watch, and she is so fast!
This past week was so full of many different things...Every day was so full that I didn't have any time to blog. It was a week that made me start to think of all the things I'm going to eliminate from the following week when we return.
Some of the highlights were really fun! Oscar performed a fun Thanksgiving feast and program for us parents. Poppy and Oscar ate their pumpkin pie first before eating our "stone soup". He made a great Turkey with his very cute turkey mask on.
Friday after Rick was home from work, we made our way to Boise. We had a hotel and stayed the night which made it really great to get a few hours of sleep before finishing out the journey.
Poppy decided she would rather sleep in the bed with us however, so even though we had a place to sleep...sleep was not as great as it usually is.
After driving in the car for a long time it is always so nice to go for a nice long run...(that is typically). Earlier this week I was advised to not do any running for a while...(let the whimpering and whining begin). The PT said I could ride but not run for a while. Therefore Ricky took a very fast 4.something run while I tootled along on the mountain bike. I never really got my heart rate up until he asked me to race him around the park.
I would say my quality of exercises has been quite lacking! I find myself more impatient and grumpy! I suppose I need my daily dose of endorphins to make me into a better mommy.
Spinning was nice on Friday, and I'm looking forward to utilizing my Father in laws spin bike while we are here in Utah.
Meanwhile, Oscar and daddy are out in the back yard chasing the chickens, Poppy is napping and we are here in sunny Utah enjoying the warmer weather.


Abby Norman said...

No wonder why you had so much energy to tease Rick tonight!

Jen said...

uuggghh. i'm going through no-run zone as well. i attempted today- and the pain came back immediately. :( it's a bummer!

i'm glad you made it down there safely! have a great thanksgiving!!!