Friday, November 30, 2007

PT Visit

Today I also had a PT visit for the afore mentioned pelvic/hip troubles. She asked if I was feeling any better. Quite truthfully I told her that I was not, and that it actually seems a bit worse.
The good news was that my alignment was looking good.
The bad, was that I have a lot of soft tissue issues going on. I have bumpy hip/back muscles that keep getting all bunched up.
She had me do some very unpleasant stretching that actually felt liked it helped some when we were finished. She did a lot of rubbing and adjusting, and tonight I'm a bit sore, but hopeful that it will be leading to a quick recovery!
In the mean time she gave me the go-ahead to do some walking with short strides on the treadmill with an incline (thanks to Shane my PT adviser on the good suggestion). I'm also assigned to do a bunch of ab work...maybe the positive of this situation could be some wash-board abs! I won't hold my breath, but it would be a nice consolation prize!!!