Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Isn't he handsome!

Thanks to my great friend Betina, being willing to undergo the task of taking some family photos for us (to be posted later). She captured this great picture of my very handsome husband. Typically I get the photos of him giving me a scowl and/or putting his nose up in the air so that all I really get a picture of is his neck. This picture however catches the very handsome, sweet and loving husband that I married! This is what he actually looks like most of the time.
Yah, I'm pretty blessed with such a great guy!
And yes, I know that as soon as he sees this post I will get the a for mentioned scowl...but well worth it!
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mummy said...

Rick looks pretty intellectual in this one

Jamison Fischer said...

No ice cream for YOU! (or you, Betina.)

Betina said...

NO NO! I MUST have the rum punch ice cream!!!

We polished if off yesterday and I am still thinking about it.

Tidbitz said...

Rick you do look great! "oh boy!"