Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Confessions of an addict...

(Could I possibly have ran 2 marathons this summer???? Where have those lovely long-mileage days gone??? Will I ever be able to run again????)
I have not ran in over two weeks! My endorfin-dependent brain cells are screaming out that they need more stimulus! Two weeks ago yesterday, I finally saw a PT about some nagging groin/hip pain that I have had for quite some time.
The very nice PT said "I have some good news and some bad...the good is that I think we can get you better...the bad, is that you cannot run for a while."
The "while" is what's killing me! Not that I particularity feel like I could lace up my shoes and go for a nice long run (maybe with enough ibuprofen or some other pain killers that I have left over from childbirth) but enough that would fill this hole that is quite empty.
I'm attempting to fill it with my continued spinning classes (that only happen twice a week) and the rest of the time I am basically doing the PT and walking with a bit of pilates. Certainly not my pre-injury mileage.
I have thus created this new blog, in an effort to re-visit all of my old exciting runs while trying to hold myself off until recovery.
I will also post ideas and profiles for spinning classes...and pretty much anything exercise related.
Any thoughts, encouragement, feedback or other great ideas will always be greatly appreciated! There is one thing that is for certain, I am a much better person/mommy when I am exercising and it is taking quite a bit of effort to keep at bay the ornery/grumpy girl that comes with a seditary existence.

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