Monday, November 5, 2007

Who Needs Squirrels???

What you ask, is in their bulging pockets???
Why the acorns they gathered during our Sunday walk. Frequently I do the wash and find these little nutty treasures stashed away in the pockets of my two boys! They also use them as ammunition against each other and me!
You may think because they are small, harmless and that they do very little damage...but a couple of weeks ago I noticed I had these little dime size bruises on my legs and arm. Then it dawned on me that it was from the acorns....Boys will be Boys (or squirrels).


Traci said...

We like to collect acorns as well. H has a handful on his dresser right now. I don't think I will bring up the ammo thing. Brandon and H would really be onto that!

Jamison Fischer said...

Sure, play innocent. We all have been touched by your gentle acorn.

mummy said...

DO you throw the cute little ones with hats or make them into heads to put on dolls?