Wednesday, November 7, 2007


(Here we have some of the delightful gifts given to me by my sweet friends and family. Flowers from Merilee, Family photos on a CD from Betina, chocolate from Jori, skirt from Kelly, Fun hand made card/present from my sweet in-laws, and a jar of our freshly canned (yesterday) black beans.)
I have had a bit of a progressive Birthday, it began last Saturday with a fun trip to Coure 'de lane with Betina, Jori, and Kelly. We went thrift store shopping went out to dinner. The ladies were great company on our outing and it was really a lot of fun searching through all the junk. Typically I really have a hard time enduring the thrift store junk but, I actually came home with some treasures.
I love birthday's especially my own. It is the day when if my children are being ornery or whiny I can just say "Sorry no whining today because it is my birthday!" or i can walk around the house singing "happy birthday to me...". But the best part is all of the fun cards, phone calls, visits, and dates of people who are so kind in remembering that today was my special day.
I also have been quite spoiled in getting our treadmill and some new-to-us bedroom furniture. Ricky also took me out to one of our favorite restaurants around here called Nectar. I seriously had such a great meal and over-stuffed myself that I had to undo my top button (maybe it was because I was trying to wear my sexy jeans...) It was a really nice date, especially it was nice to get out of the house since our house was filled with the aroma of Beans!!!

(notice how we are both standing...too funny)
Here is my kindred spirit Betina (who frequently gets confused as my sister) who came to my house with Jori (another kindred spirit, taking picture) to can beans. It was a great time and I never knew just how easy it is to can dry beans! It is even easier than the soak-overnight process! We jsut had to get over the fear of the pressure cookers exploding.
Basically it is 1 cup dry beans, 1tsp salt, fill quart jar to neck with warm water put on lid/ring and pressure cook for 60 mins at 15lbs of pressure.
For my Birthday feast tonight I made (to Oscar's dislike), black beans and rice. One of my truly favorite foods. It was delicious, and even more so because they were my own beans.
After dinner we had my pumpkin chocolate chip birthday cake. I didn't quite cook it long enough but it was yummy anyway.
Overall it was a great day and I even got a 5mi run in on my new treadmill. So, here's to my 28th birthday!!


anna jo said...

first of all, happy birthday. secondly, I wish you lived close by me so you could teach me in the ways of canning. seriously.

pete and I don't buy canned beans anymore, we make them ourselves from the dried beans. we make huge batches because pete has a hobby of making frozen burritos. I would love to can beans, though, so we could always have some onhand to use for other stuff. you need to give me the low-down on the whole process.

Traci said...

Happy belated Birthday!!!! Sure sounds like you had a great one and to many more of course!!!
I never even thought of canning beans before!

Tanner's Tales said...

That is a great idea to can beans...I have a bunch of cans of dry beans in my food storage, but I never use them. Maybe I will can some...I'm glad you had a good birthday!

Jamison Fischer said...

Hmmmmm.... Beeeeaanns.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Lady. You and the fam look GREAT. How the heck are you? We are great. Hey go look at my blog, I had to tag 6 people and you were one of them. It's fun. Love ya and miss you tons.

Betina said...

I am glad you had such a great birthday, you deserve it!

I think that picture with our poses would have been even more perfect in housedresses and retro aprons. We look like happy housewives circa 1955. Even better would be to have my 1955 sofa in the picture.

Tidbitz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you are my other sister Colette! I love you so much. i am a looser and didn't send anything.. i am so jealous of your horticulture / canning love loveya.

Jen said...

what an awesome birthday! :) you CANNED black beans?! i have never even considered that!!