Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Spin

Each month on the first Saturday I teach the 8:15am Spin class. I really like teaching this class because I get a new mix of people who I normally don't see on the other days that I teach. Typically they are pretty hard core and I can work them really hard and they love it!
Today was no exception. I did a new workout that was inspired from a few that I have see around mixed together. It went a bit like this...

5min Warm up
1min seated flat 80% (get HR up to sustainable level and goal is to maintain)

8min set Choose ONE postion (standing or seated) and we will maintain postion for 8 minutes.
Every other minute has one 30 second pick-up (increase cadence or resistance to bump HR up to 85%) decrease back to sustained level 80%HR.

2 minute recovery
Repeat 8 min segment in a different position. (each person should be able to see a marked difference in their ability to maintain HR and feel in control)
2min Recovery
Then to test what they have felt I do a track cycle. Split the class into three groups .
Group 1 begins sprinting, group 2 climbing, group 3 in recovery. Groups rotate every 30 sec for first 3 track cycles (group 2 goes to sprinting, 1 to recovery, and 3 goes to climbing.)
When group 1 gets into the sprinting position for the 4th time we increase the intervals to 1 minute each. Repeat cycle for 4 more rotations.

Recovery and cool down

It was a fun workout and afterward I had students who said they really had to pace themselves on the 8 minute cycles and that when we did the track workout they were better capable to find their aerobic max.

On other news I just ordered my continuing ed home studies...I'm looking forward to reviewing some new material and getting some fresh ideas. However, I am always a bit disgusted with the whole re-certification money process...I can't believe how much it costs to keep current. I recently spent about $300 on recertification and home study materials...luckily it is only every two years!

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