Friday, December 28, 2007


Cowboy Oscar!
Oscar is loving his new walkie/talkie watches...if only he could get the ear piece to stay in his ear, he has started wearing the big head phones over the top of the little ones in a effort to keep the little one in. The Grandma's and grandpa's once again spoiled our little ones.
He is also very much loving the new spider man attire and the socks o' plenty that came his direction.
Princess Poppy, as I'm sure you are not surprised, is decked out in princess/pinkolicious attire all of the time. Notice her new favorite book, which I am certain we have read at least a hundred times in the last three days...She has even now requested, when getting her hair done in the morning, to have her hair look like pinkolicious. It usually is that she wants Cinderella or Sleeping Booty hair. But no, not any more, I now have another hairdo to add to the daily routine.

Tonight while Poppy was saying her prayers she said "thank you for sleeping booty (four times), thank you for Belle, thank you for Cinderella, thank you for Snow White and finally thank you for Jesus..." (who knows how she learned about all of these princesses since she has only seen cinderella???)
Oscar has even discovered that he too, loves the dress up box. After pulling out his daddies old boots from his childhood, he put on the cowboy/girl hat that was in the box and told me he was going out to get some wood for the fire. I said "make sure and put your coat on so that your clothes don't get all woody". His response was (with a grin on his face) "why are you calling me "woody" mom??". Yeah, he now is loving his cowboy alter ego to go along with spiderman.
Our house was pretty much a disaster for the entire day and the day following.
Ricky and Oscar participated in the HBJ run, that I would have loved to do, if my cold hadn't been sucking the life out of me.
Rick said it was a lot of fun and Oscar even ran some of it. They were one of the first to finish and were too cold to wait around for the awards, Oscar was hoping to win one, but was happy to keep moving.
Ricky has now broken in his newest running tool, the Garmin. I love finding something that makes him track his workouts better! Seriously, I don't know anyone who exercises as much as him, and we all know that the engineer in him loves to track all of his progress!
Overall, it was a very fun Christmas season with so much love and happiness around us. I feel great with having so many great opportunities to share our life with others this season. We really have been overly blessed!

On a side note, and only to be posted for the note of noticing, was the absence of some yummy Cumming's thin mints and mint M&M's...(no guilt intended) just the fact that the Ghirardelli dark chocolate mint squares that Santa left in my stocking, are not as delicious.


Old Warrior said...

You know that the thin mints will soon be on thier way....If I can keep a box full untill we get them to the post office. Missed you guys for Christmas. Glad you are doing well. Hope your life-draining cold is abating.

Old Warrior said...

And let's get that Oscar something bigger than a half-gallon cowboy hat.....You don't let him out in public like that, do you?

Traci said...

Love those piggy tails!!! Aren't dress-up clothes the best! My tykes love them!

Rach said...

Collette we had such a fun time at your house! Thank you so much for having us over. Grace got dress up clothes for Christmas as well. We'll have to get the two princesses together for a royal tea party one of these days!