Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve Party

After a delicious Mexican Fiesta of a dinner(too bad I didn't get a picture of the food)...Jen's Blog even cooked up some REAL traditional Mexican food, as opposed to my americanized 7 layer dip. We then painted ornaments and had a fun white elephant exchange.
We had so many wonderful friends who came to celebrate the birth of our savior! Our friends came from many different places and although some did not know each other, they all seemed to get along great and had a good time.
I was really feeling lucky to have so many wonderful people under our roof. And although they weren't family, it felt like we were all one big family celebrating.
Oscar was fortunate enough to get some fortune Cookies (we all know how much he LOVES them). Poppy was the lucky recipient of the lovely silicone body bits (yes they are as disturbing as they sound!). I got a pretty Christmas chips and dip tray, and Ricky (after having his chocolate stolen) ended up with....a bottle of laundry soap???
To end the night in a super celebratory way, Rachel and Rob were kind enough to serenade us with some piano music.
Seriously, we had such a great time and it was a picture perfect evening (aside form my cold that kept me from singing some of the beautiful Christmas songs).

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