Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ignorence is bliss...

Two mile approval and yesterday I did just that...although, I couldn't help that through the entire run I kept trying to decide what is enough, what is too much, and a constant dialog of weather or not I should keep going or hold back!
I'm telling you, it was a lot easier when I just popped some ibuprofen and ran no matter what the pain level was. I knew I wanted to run and I did it...none of this "will I have to start the recovery process all over again..."
I am now in the super sensitive mode of running. Over analyzing every step and taking extra time to stop and stretch. I feel like the run just wasn't as care-free as i had hoped it would be.
After the run and a day of busy preparations for our church Christmas party and sitting on the floor for our night in Bethlehem, I found myself quite sore and stiff. Now comes the next stage of this because of the run or because of the church set up, sitting on the floor, a combination....
Tomorrow I will spin and hopefully I'll feel back to where I was last Thursday, on this coming Tuesday!

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