Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sweet boy!

Here is Oscar back in the early days of boyhood (off on some adventure). I wish I had had a good digital camera back then. He was such a cute kid, still is.
Last night while telling stories and such in his bed, he told me about a girl in his school class and he said her Mom didn't have any money and that this girl didn't have any snow pants. He asked me if we could give them some money so that she could get some snow pants.
I was so touched by his sweet sincerity and his genuine desire to help her. I told him we would talk to his teacher and see what we could do.
Then today when I dropped him off at school he slid down this big hill on his bum, only to climb back up to remind me that "we didn't get her any snow pants!" I assured him we would work on it today and maybe tomorrow we could get them for her.
I began thinking about how often i find him concerned about another, or sensitive to the mean things other kids do. I can't help but be emotionally filled by the sweet goodness of his heart.
Truthfully throughout this holiday season (other than when we were at grandma's and she had toy magazines) he hasn't asked for anything, unless we ask him what he would be interested in. Even then, he says things like, he wants a space tent and a rocket ship. Yesterday in the grocery store we walked past the toy isle and he said, "We can't get any toys now or Santa won't bring us any. Right Mom?"
Wow! I have been so blessed with such a great family!
I think I've already been given my Christmas present this year!


Tanner's Tales said...

So he still believes in Santa, huh?

Jamison Fischer said...

I don't know. When asked, he says that Santa is not real, but then he makes comments like that. I think that he knows it is a game.

Jen said...

oscar is such a good kid! i think it's rare for kids to be so intuitively aware of other people's needs (i'm always surprised at how UNAWARE the almost 6 year olds can be!)- that totally has to be a learned behavior. :) he watches his mom a lot! (and his dad, too!). what a thoughtful little boy you're raising- he's great! :)

Old Warrior said...

OK--anymore of these posts and I'm going to have to start insulin injuections!