Friday, December 14, 2007


Today for my spinning class I used a pyramid scheme (just kidding) it went something like this:

5 min warm up (getting HR up to 60-70%)

Begin pyramid
30 sec flat road increased cadence (HR 75-80%)
30 sec seated climb (add 2 gears) (HR 80%, encouraged to maintain HR throughout climb)
30 sec standing (position 2) climb (HR 80%)
30 sec Jumps on a hill (4 up/4 down) (HR 85%) (focused on smooth transitions)
30 sec Standing climb (position 3) (HR 80%)
30 sec downhill (drop resistance increase cadence)
level out hill and begin next segment
45 sec Flat road (let HR recover to 70% but increase cadence if dropping lower)

Repeat previous cycle but with 45 sec intervals.

next 1 minute intervals
next 1:30 minute intervals (this is as tough as it gets)
(I skipped the 1 minute interval on the way back down due to time)
Go down the pyramid 45sec, 30sec
The only recovery I give them is on the seated flat and it is an active recovery...I don't want their HR dropping lower than 60%

At the very end we had a little extra time so I polished off the ride with a 3/ 30 sec sprints with resistance.

Cool down

U2- Beautiful day
KT Tunstall -little favors
My Chemical Romance-Welcome to the black parade
Black eyed Peas- Let's get it started
KT Tunstall-Suddenly I see
Nelly Furtado- Maneater
Brittany Spears- Toxic (Lenny Bertoldo radio edit)
Shakira-Hips don't lie
Averil Lavigne-Girlfriend (edited)
Pet Shop boys- It's a sin
Howard shore- Concerning Hobbits

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