Monday, December 17, 2007


Poppy, Poppy, quite controppy...
I seem to find you so contrary lately! First you want juice, then water, but no... no... chocolate milk instead! And a song, you plead for a song, but while mid-way through the first sentence you want a different one. I'm not sure if this is a phase, or once again your way of establishing your queen bee status??? All i can say is that you seem to be acquiring these manipulative female tactics from somewhere...but not me! Truly I do not attempt to manipulate the world around me to my every whim...and yet, here I have this sweet looking, innocent, pinching demanding bitter/sweet girl.
Which leaves the does one go about curbing such dominating tendencies???
Meanwhile when i look at this sweet girl i almost can't help but squeeze and kiss her to death!
All I can say is, I fear for the male population when Poppy is a teenager!


Traci said...

Too cute! I think she is just trying to find her place in the world!

Jen said...

she is little miss independent. such a cute girl- you can't help but love her and i know it's got to be annoying to have her pinching, but i giggle every time i think of it! (of course, i don't have to deal with the consequences!).

Rach said...

Every time we are going somewhere that we will see Poppy Grace asks me if Poppy is going to scratch her this time. This should in no way be interpreted that Grace doesn't want to see or play with Poppy, because she is always excited to see her. Its just more on an academic interest!