Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Yesterday's spinning class was a strength day...lots of hills!

Warm up 8min getting HR up to 75%

1st hill
1:00 seated climb 80%
15sec Standing climb 75%
1:30 Seated Climb 85%(add resistance)
30 Standing climb (decrease resistance slightly) 80%
1:45 Seated Climb 85%(add resistance back)
1:00 Downhill (keep in control increased cadence)
2min flat Recover HR 65-70%

2nd Hill
1:30 Standing Climb HR80-85%
30sec Seated climb (decrease resistance slightly)HR80%
1:45 Standing climb (add resistance keep upper body stable and controlled) HR85%
45sec Seated Climb (decrease resistance slightly) HR75-80%
2:00 Standing climb (add resistance) HR85%
1:00 Seated climb (decrease resistance ) HR 75-80%
30sec Standing climb (add resistance surge to the top) HR85-90%
1:00 Downhill
2:00 Flat road (make sure feet flat legs engaged) HR recover to 60-70%

3rd rolling hills-Repeat 4 times
30 sec seated climb add load HR 75-80%
30 sec seated climb add more load
30 sec standing climb add resistance surge to top of hill HR 80-85%
30 sec downhill
30 sec flat

Sprint to the finish!

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Melissa Paulichenko said...

i read somewhere once that your whole class hsould not consist of only hills. If so, that instructor has no idea of what they are doing.