Thursday, December 6, 2007

Charred pita anyone?

(My beautiful batch of perfectly puffed pitas made yesterday)
Today's post was hoping to read "Super-mom makes lots of pitas and cleans house at the SAME time!" Alas, this statement was almost true. That is, until the final two pitas were cooking (they only bake for 4min at 500 degrees) and I simply forgot that I had one last batch of pitas in the oven!
(Look how puffy that black little pita is!)
You see, this Saturday is our ward's Christmas party and I am in charge of the ethnic Middle Eastern food tasting table. As many of you may already know, I definitely have a passion for this sort of food...especially pitas, not the store bought nasty kind, I'm talking the yummy home made variety (not incredibly complicated, but one must keep an eye on the time!) I therefore decided that our ward would have home made pitas to eat the other (I will elaborate more on this tomorrow) yummy stuff on. I have enlisted a few friends to also help cook them, but I have been making a double batch each day to make enough to feed our church's 5,000. Just kidding, it's more like 200-300 and they will be tasting portions.
The up-side to the burned pitas (you know I'm an optimist!) Is that I now have a beautifully clean 1986 oven! You see, we often make yams which when baked, get the bottom of our stove all gooey and yucky. In fact, I was just saying a couple of days ago that I was going to go buy some of that nasty smelling oven cleaner to try to get our oven clean.
After the initial plume of smoke and the opening of all windows, I finally dared open the oven door to find that nearly all of the nastiness had been burned off! Yeah! Our oven doesn't have a self cleaning cycle and yet all it took was burning a couple of pitas! A couple quick swipes with the wash cloth and I now have a sparkley stove.
Other fun notes of interest is that we are still getting fresh tomatoes from out tomatoes vines hanging upside down in our shed! Yes, you may be jealous. They are not as delicious as when they are actually on the vine outside, but they are much tastier than the store bought zero taste variety.
Tonight, to try and get rid of the charred pita smell in the house, I made some yummy summery pizzas to make our house smell a bit better. (My hair still smells like I have been in a chimney, not suite as stinky and mom and Oscar when sitting by the fire pit when it is burning cotton wood, but stinky none the less!)
This my friends is the joys of being a supermom...or maybe not so super!


Tanner's Tales said...

I am way impressed-not only with cleanign while baking pitas, but look how puffy your pitas are! Mine are never that good. Maybe a couple out of each batch. I need to come learn from you!

Tanner's Tales said...

p.s. I think that's just the way grandpa likes them...just dip them in some milk!

anna jo said...

you must share your pita recipe, you must!

Mamma Letty said...

Pita recipe was previously posted on my blog but I will resurrect it just for you anna jo!

mummy said...

Can we come to the party?

mummy said...

You may be receiving a few items in the mail. All are for Christmas and none are wrapped. Thanks in advance for wrapping them for me. We'll get even one day

Lisa B. said...

oh my gosh!!! i really need to live by you.. such yummy treats. love ya