Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shorthanded Sunday!

For Christmas Oscar got the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible,
No Good, Very Bad Day"
This was me this morning at church.

I Planned on being short two members of the presidency...leaving me and the secretary to do the Sunday tasks.

Phone rings 7:15, Sr. Primary chorister will not be attending church, snowed in.
Phone rings 7:30, Substitute teacher for one of our classes is ill and will not be able to help out.
Phone rings 7:45, Primary president calls and will not be able to make it has to drive daughter to Seattle. (this was not too surprising, I was mainly planning on it, but it would have been nice if she was there)
Get to Church sacrament meeting went well...
Shortly after the Jr. Primary chorister informs me that she is leaving and will not be able to teach singing time for the Jr. primary! (I was hoping she would be able to do both Jr. and Sr. but no)

Primary begins...Pianist is late, I am panicking scrimping to find someone to play the piano. Find someone, but then regular pianist shows up...she does however, struggle playing the piano and all of the songs I pick she doesn't know! We end up singing acappella and I only know half the words!
4 teachers are not there, and there are no substitutes...luckily we combined 3 classes into one and a kind man in our ward agreed to teach a combined class of 2 other classes...
We had a January birthday to give a present to, but we haven't yet put all of it together...I end up giving him the poster part and I will have to figure the rest out later!

The lovely CTR6 class did the Jr. sharing time (and did a great job from the little bits I saw), which was a saving grace because I was then able to get the manual for the teacher who was going to fill in for the two other classes.
Another blessing was that a kind wonderful woman named Sherry came to the piano Rescue during Sr. primary singing time (the Jr. primary chorister is the Sr. Primary pianist, I know confusing)...this time we had a piano to sing along with! Still, I didn't know the words very well and was quite horrible directing...but the kids were very kind and forgiving!
I then taught my sharing time, which given the craziness of the day went really well until the last 5 minutes when we found out that we would have to do closing exercises in the primary room (which barley fits all of us, and we had already put away the sunbeams chairs!) So, out come the chairs and we re-shuffle kids to make it work.
Next, closing exercises...Krissy was conducting for her first time and sis a pretty good job, I was directing closing music, and we ended having too much time left over and so I had to do an extra song to take up the time.

Seriously this was a weird crazy Sunday!
I am pretty much venting here the frustrations of trying to be in the position of making things work! I feel sorry for others who find themselves shorthanded every Sunday! Gratefully, I only have to experience this every so often, but truly I get so annoyed with unreliable and fickle people!
I then try to remind myself that this is a volunteer organization! Everyon is voulunteer (including me!) So why do some feel a more sense of duty and responsibility while others can put it all off so easily????
Now, I'm going to go take a nice nap and will wake up much happier and ready to prep myself for the Primary activity next Saturday! Hopefully ALL of the teachers will be there!


Old Warrior said...

i can surely empathize. There have been times....
But-you got through it. The kids got taught and were able to praise the Lord through wonderful primary songs. And--you may never know what those who were not able to show up are having to deal with. if you did, you may indeed find yourself grateful and humble to have your own challenges and adventures. I know that is the case for me whenever I find out why someone missed taking care of a responsibility and I had to fill in, cover and take care of--you know--the middle child work. No, I will just keep my own little life's experiences, and they can have thiers--I probably wouldn't be able to handle them!
Wish we could take an afternoon ride up to visit with y'all. Maybe we should arrange something sooner than later.

Old Warrior said...

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Rach said...

OH COLLETTE....I am laughing and crying and groaning and wishing I could have been there to make your Sunday better!How awful that you had to put up with all of that. I'm sure you pulled it off with great aplomb and grace, even if you don't think so. It sounds like you deserve a break. Maybe you should just let me do all the work next Sunday and you can just sit back and relax!

mummy said...

I just read the book you sent us-Lost in the Woods. It was great, great pictures and story. I think it might be great for part of a YW lesson about our Savior always being there for us. If we do what he says we will stay out of danger. Kind of like the mother deer and her fawn. I also like the way you painted the table in the background of Oscar's picture. I finally fixed my north face coat where I melted the sleeve. It looks good however, the inside of the pocket that I used to patch it was black so my red sleeved coat as a black patch on it. I look at it and remember cooking m and c and hot chocolate in the snow with my Oscar, Poppy and Collette. Its good to have scars and dents and scratches on things to remember exciting times!

Traci said...

Collette- I am totally with you! I didn't know you were in the primary presidency either. I am the primary president in my ward and I feel like we have struggles constantly.
I will say it's nice to come home and take a much needed nap!

Jen said...

you pulled everything off in a phenomenal way. i am very impressed and i am sure i added to the stress with the "yeah- we sort of can't find out sheet with the sharing time ideas!" the NIGHT BEFORE! :)

Jamison Fischer said...

Jen, that was absolutely no big deal!!! When I am talking about irresponsible teachers, I'm really not in any way talking about you! I should have made that designation beforehand! :0)
Thanks for being there and doing a great job!

Mamma Letty said...

oops that was actually myself!