Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wonderful christmasy week...

The week before Christmas and all though our house, our children are mischievous and exploring like louse (lice?).
Oscar discovered as you have now too, that razors are sharp and are not for hairdo's.
Poppy is now short a few strands of hair, but believe it or not she doesn't seem to care.
Sharing heads together they seem to find, that one is better and a lot less confined.
School craft day was fun, with lots to do. Poppy ate her marshmallow draidle before we were through.
My sweet Visiting Teachees were able to meet, as Helen and I served them a soup lunch and a treat. Together we had a wonderful time, sharing the Christmas spirit and some treats divine!

Today was a wonderful Sunday all day through. We each had a special church assignment to do. My talk went well, I made it through, Oscar gave a great primary talk too.

This evening was dinner fun friends with us to eat, then yummy home-made ice cream as a yummy treat!
One and a half days till Christmas,we are not quite through. A Mexican Christmas party tomorrow, with a bit of work left to do.

Why all of the crazy fun and excitement about? It must be the season for reaching out...
Outside of ourselves, to all of our friends, Christmas is about the great love we can send!


Jen said...

oscar and RAZORS?! oh the things to look forward to...
i love that you had your visiting teachees over! i would never have thought of that- you and helen are like power v-t-ers. :)
i loved your talk today, by the way- it was great- i don't even have words to express what i think but i'm very grateful for the things you said and the spirit you brought.

Traci said...

Wish I could of heard your talk too! I bet it was great. Love the rhyming poem you wrote!
Hope you have a great Christmas!
Yikes about the razors!!