Tuesday, December 4, 2007

1 Mile!!

Today I received the approval for a one mile run!
WOOOHOO the conditions are that I will warm up for 5 minutes walking, stretch, then run a slow ONE mile on the treadmill or flat road.
Sure this may not see like much compared to 26.2 but I am excited to see how my hip handles it. As of the last two PT sessions my alignment has looked good and we are now focusing on soft tissue issues. It appears that the longer you keep ignoring said previous conditions, the more my body developed compensating tendencies that we now have to un-do.
I think the last few days have had more improvement than I have seen in a while. I'm not experiencing the chronic pain in some areas...there is still much to be done but this is a nice change!

Tonight I'm looking forward to my date with the treadmill...ahhhh my running shoes will be happy to get out of the closet!


anna jo said...

you go, girl! I remember when my PT cleared me to start running a little after my last bout with my IT Bands and it was the happiest day of my life. you rock that one mile!

also, does spinning not bug your hip?

Mamma Letty said...

Nope! Luckily the bike dose not seem to effect it! As for the IT band stuff...They have me rolling on this foam roller...it is sooo great! You should get one Anna jo.