Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baby Ivy & Snow caves

This week the very precious and beautiful baby Ivy Selamawit joined the Workman family! She is truly such an adorable girl. I have only seen her once, but I cannot wait to see her again! I love her sucking of her two fingers. She is so chocolaty that I want to gobble her up!!! Wow she is cute!
Congrats to Betina and Kenneth on the arrival of such a sweet girl!
(This is the view from the window between the two caves.)
Yesterday after shoveling a bunch of snow, Oscar and I made snow caves! We had a great time and he loves to be outside playing in them.
(cave #2, or the second one we made)
Today Ricky gave him and his friend Austin a couple of bottles filled with food colored water to decorate them with...I don't have pictures yet, but I'll post them when I take a pic.
Cave #1, this one was experimental and it seemed to not be the favorite...but we made a nice little window between the two. I was going to make a snow tunnel but Oscar wanted caves, not a tunnel.
The snow was too fluffy for a snowman so hopefully tomorrow the snow will be mushy enough that we can get one to stick together...maybe we could put Mr. Snowman on top of the cave??? We shall see...


Jen said...

snow caves are great- i love them. forts, too, but caves are warmer!

ivy is SOOOOO cute. i want to meet her! :)

Traci said...

Snow caves are loads of fun. H would surely love it! My tykes did build a nice big snowman yesterday in our yard.
Congrats to your friends on thei new baby Ivy, who is adorable!